On February 25, the International Water Assessment Center participated in a webinar on the program "Water as a Driver of sustainable recovery: Economic, institutional and strategic aspects of water resources management in Central Asia". This program is supported by the Blue Peace Central Asia (BPCA) initiative of the Swiss Development Cooperation, the Stockholm International Water Resources Institute (SIWI), the Center for Central Asian Studies of the Corvinus University in Budapest (CUB) and the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia. (CAREC).

The main goal of the webinar was to identify the necessary structural and institutional reforms to achieve the sustainability of the water sector in Central Asia.  The webinar was divided into two sessions. During the first session, participants discussed strategies for the rehabilitation of the water sector in Central Asia, which will need to be implemented to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The second session was devoted to institutional reforms in support of the water sector in the countries of the region. Given that the main water infrastructure of the Central Asian countries is still state-owned, accelerating the institutional reforms of the countries' water sector would ensure the long-term stability and prosperity of the region as a whole. Overall, participants agreed that effective implementation of institutional and structural reforms of the water sector in Central Asian countries would not only allow achieving more sustainable results, but also would offer broader benefits to millions of people.