On 1 April 2021, the International Water Assessment Centre (IWAC) participated in an Expert Meeting on Monitoring, Assessment and Data Exchange under the UNECE Water Convention. The event was held in an online format and consisted of two sessions.

The meeting presented the monitoring and assessment work under the Water Convention and the results of the survey for the preparation of the next work programme of the Water Convention for 2022-2024. In addition, participants were presented with an overview of existing guidelines for monitoring and assessing transboundary rivers, lakes and groundwaters, as well as the capacity of countries to apply the guidelines and good practices. The meeting resulted in the presentation of conclusions on the programme of work  for 2022-2024 of the Water Convention.

The meeting targeted nominated experts experienced in matters related to monitoring and assessment and focal points of the Water Convention, especially those who participated at the fifteenth meeting of the Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment (WGMA) and Global workshop on Data Exchange and information (4-6 December 2019); and organizations interested in cooperating on topics in focus. The meeting is also open to participation by other interested experts from Governments, international and regional organizations, civil society, academia and the private sector.